Although the weather has been mighty fine of late, we are currently experiencing temperatures that we aren’t all too familiar with here in the UK. Of course, for most that’s great news! Not many opportunities to sit back, relax and soak up the summer sun here in Coventry! However, whilst we all bask in the heat, we should spare a moment for our pooch pals who may struggle in their furs when the weather flies beyond the average we usually see for the time of year.

Here are top tips for looking after your diamond doggie over the next week.

Don’t leave your dog inside a hot car.

This goes for conservatories, caravans, greenhouses or any enclosed space that has potential to heat up quickly. This is common knowledge by now, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat as this is an essential piece of info. It can be tempting, if you are dashing to shops for an ultra-short trip but it really isn’t worth it. Temperatures can fluctuate surprisingly rapidly which can be fatal.

Don’t walk your dog during the afternoon.  

Walking your dog is recommended during the morning or evening when a heatwave occurs. Typically from mid-day until 3pm is the hottest part of the day. Although exercise is still necessary during hot weather, during this peak time they are likely to burn their paws or suffer the effects of heatstroke which of course is no fun!

Provide plenty of water.

This may go without saying but a little extra attention is required when the sun comes out to play. Please make sure that your dog has an adequate water supply so they can drink as they need throughout the day. As a special treat, why not set up a paddling pool or bath with cool water? This is perfect for your dog to have a dip and get refreshed when it gets a little too muggy. Make sure you supervise as not all dogs are strong swimmers!

Invest in some doggy sun-screen.

Dogs, just like humans, can get skin cancer, yet putting sun-screen on a pooch can sometimes be over-looked as it is much less publicised when it comes to our four legged friends. However, it is incredibly important to keep your pal protected from those dangerous UVA and UVB rays. There are various quality lotions out there to be purchased, which are applied to areas where dogs have less hair to protect them against powerful sun beams.

Make sure it is a private party.

We’re sure you will be making the most of this unexpected weather pattern so if you are having BBQ’s and garden get-togethers, please ensure that your doggo is safely kept away from the booze supply. Additionally, inform guests who may not be in the know, that feeding dogs unfamiliar foods can make for poorly stomachs too.

Keep a close eye on them generally.

No matter how much precaution you take it is wise to note that these conditions are extreme and this kind of weather is not something your dog is going to be used too, so it makes perfect sense to keep an eye on them and look out for any alarming changes in behaviour.

These can include:

  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Ingesting an unusual amount of water
  • Red Eyes
  • Lethargy

Don’t be afraid to seek emergency attention if your pet is acting abnormally, it is better to be safe than sorry!