Three weeks to go: Corbyn and May focus on Coventry as they appeal to voters

Jeremy Corbyn has praised the people of Coventry this week, saying he’s been “greeted warmly” on his visits.

The Labour party leader praised the “hard working people” of Coventry in the article, written for the Coventry Telegraph.

“Every time I visit Coventry I am greeted warmly, by hard working people who are clearly proud of their city,” he told the paper.

“It’s the home of the UK motor industry, supplying top quality products to markets in every continent. The Coventry designed Jaguar F-Pace has recently been awarded a top prize as the most beautiful car in the world.

“But just like the rest of Britain, the Tories are holding the people of Coventry back. While working families are £1,400 a year worse off, corporations and the richest individuals receive tens of billions in tax breaks,” he added.

It comes after Theresa May also wrote a piece for the paper a few weeks ago.

“The Modern Industrial Strategy which my government is developing will learn the lessons which Coventry has to teach, as we seek to spread opportunity and prosperity to every community in or country,” she said.

“The Labour Party has taken Coventry for granted for far too long. For decades they have arrogantly assumed that voters in this great city would support Labour candidates regardless of how little they achieved for the local area.

“But at this election, with the country facing a momentous negotiation with the EU, and Labour incapable of offering the leadership our country needs, I am determined to fight for every single vote, in every community in our country,” she added.

(Photo: BBC)

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