Nobody wants to adopt Holly, a hermaphrodite Staffie from Coventry

Holly, a beautiful and happy Staffordshire bull terrier with an unusual story, is looking for a home.

The adorable eight-year-old Staffie has been handed into the RSPCA after her previous owner could no longer look after her.

However, bosses at the animal charity say they can’t find anyone to take her because she is a hermaphrodite with a mixture of female and male reproductive organs.

Danni Holder, a kennel supervisor, told the BBC Holly is “very special”.

“This doesn’t cause Holly any physical issues or difficulties, but it might put people off from adopting her. It absolutely shouldn’t though, as Holly is such a lovely and friendly dog.

“Holly has such a big ‘Staffie smile’ which is infectious…We have fallen in love with her and we think she would be a wonderful dog to have at home.

“Canine hermaphrodites are very rare, so Holly is a very special dog to us,” she added.

The RSCPA’s chief vet, James Yeates, explained that it was down to Holly’s genes mixing in her cells.

“Hermaphrodites have both ovaries and testicles and this is rare. Some of these animals have a mixture of genes in their cells,” he said.

“It is more common for some males to have some female genitalia and undescended testicles, known as hermaphrodites. But it is also possible to get females with some male organs which would be known as pseudo-hermaphrodites.”

You can get in touch with Coventry RSPCA via this link.

(Photo: RSPCA)

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