Coventry to London by train is more expensive than a flight to Europe

The biggest jump in train prices for three years occurred last month by an average of 2.3%.

Travelling from Coventry to London Euston presently would cost you £48.30 for a single ticket bought at the station with Virgin Trains.

An anytime return ticket could cost you over £70 whilst a flight to other big European cities on the day can cost you just the same price or less.

A return flight to Paris, for example, currently costs £39 for a single. For £48, you can take a single flight to Amsterdam, or pay £82 for a return.

Tickets booked in advance would allow commuters to avoid the increased rail prices of course.

Research from the TUC and the rail union’s Action for Rail campaign show that rail fares increased twice as fast as wages, with a 25% rise since 2010.

The UK now has the most expensive railway system in the whole of Europe.

Other research has shown that British commuters spend almost six times more of their salaries than their peers in Europe on rail fares.

Rome to Florence by train costs £21.55 for a single and £36.77 for a return. Madrid to Valencia costs £27.40 for a single and £69 for a return. A return ticket from Hamburg to Berlin costs £64.

All of the above prices come in cheaper than a return from Coventry to London.

It has previously been revealed that 1 in 5 train passengers using ticket machines could be paying too much or at risk of a penalty fare.

13% were said to have chosen more expensive tickets than required whilst 6% were at risk of being fined after underpaying from choosing inappropriate tickets for their journey.

The system has been called “a mess” by consumer group ‘Which?’.





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