Coventry diner Spangles was to offer free desserts to people in Coventry City shirts following their Wembley win, but was damaged and burgled at 12.30am today (Wednesday).

The Fargo Village diner had to turn away happy Sky Blues fans after thousands of pounds of damage left the independent business owner devastated.

Owner Kelly Iles had to cancel the Sky Blues day offering free ice cream after she found the front window of her diner smashed this morning.

“We were trying to do something good. I don’t even know what to do,” Iles comments.

“I have been turning away customers all morning, I have had to. People have been turning up in their Coventry City shirts.”

All of the money was stolen out of the diner’s till, as well as iPhones and speakers.

“I have got CCTV footage, I got broken into at 12.30am, they have torn right through,” Iles added.

“They smashed through the window, they have taken every single coin out of my till even down to the coppers.”

“Somebody on site at Fargo village called me at about 8.30am and said the front window had been smashed,” Kelly recalls.

“We didn’t think anyone had got in because the hole is quite small, we are talking a small person who has got through the hole. I could see that the door was locked and there was just a small hole so I didn’t think they had taken anything until we got inside.”

Iles is trying to organise for the window to be fixed and has been told it will cost her £2,000. For the moment, the window needs to be boarded up.

“We waited two hours for the police,” Kelly explains.

“They said they weren’t going to attend, they are not coming to get fingerprints. We have got fingerprints, they’ve left footprints behind and there is CCTV but the police are not treating it as a priority.”

“I was a priority at first, and then I called back two hours later and I wasn’t anymore, they said they downgraded it.”

“It’s not a priority to them but it is to me. It’s personal, my phone with pictures on with my kids, my business and my livelihood. I work so goddamn hard. They have gone through every drawer,” Kelly adds.

“I want them to come and reassure me that they are going to find the person who did this and they won’t even come.”

“I am a woman, I am on my own, I have worked hard for Coventry, I was trying to do something to celebrate the great thing that happened on Sunday.”