Next year, it will be a whopping fifteen years since the Friends finale aired on TV, but with the consistent re-runs and its arrival on Netflix, we haven’t had chance to miss it, thankfully! The iconic show is adored by many across the globe, and now, Primark have released the coolest home-ware range in homage to the series we all know and love.

We reckon house-proud Monica would especially love this affordable collection, which features items, such as: bedding, tea-towels, cookie-jars, candles and cups, all boasting the cutest of patterns reminiscent of the characters, locations and story-lines.

Our favourite is the ‘You’re my Lobster’ candle which smells of beautifully fresh sea salt and sage. Making a thoughtful gift, if the other half is a Friends fan. Little trinkets, such as: fridge-magnets, note-books and photo-frames will also put a smile on those who love all things Central Perk too.

This follows the release of the store’s winter and spring Friends themed pyjamas this year and last. How cosy? Cuddling up to a night of Netflix in a branded blanket and PJ’s. OHHHH MY GAWD!