73-year-old pensioner’s killer faced trial today in a “tragic case”

Roman Lasmanis, 42, admitted guilty to dangerous driving that led to Leonard Steptoe’s death.

Image: Coventry Police

He was charged in October last year over the death of Leonard Steptoe, who was killed in April on Sewall Highway around Sullivan Road, Wyken after being knocked by Mr. Lasmanis’ car.

Mr. Lasmanis was speeding around a corner after overtaking a Mercedes and had only 2 seconds to register Mr. Steptoe leaving the kerb to cross the road.

Judge Lockhart said to Mr. Lasmanis at the trial: “Had you been travelling within the speed limit, then he would be with us today.”

Mr. Lasmanis’ representative, Amy Jackson, said that it was a “tragic case”. Judge Lockhart said that Lasmanis “showed genuine remorse” immediately after Steptoe was struck.

Mr. Lasmanis was sentenced this afternoon to 2 years in jail and has been banned from driving for 4 years.

Mr. Steptoe’s family said that he was “a much-loved dad, granddad, great-granddad and brother, also a friend to many, taken from us so tragically, who is going to be missed greatly”.

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